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  • How can I choose from Remy hair extensions or Virgin hair extensions ?

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     How can I choose from Remy hair extensions or Virgin hair extensions ?

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    In general , hair extensions be titled " virgin hair ", it means that it's only with dark color , the original color. Once hair processed to brown color , blonde color ,piano color , ombre color, they can't be titled by" virgin hair " again,they will be titled by " remy hair " 

    Who will choose virgin hair extension ? 
    1.Virgin hair is a very good choice for people who only want a black hair color look . 
    2.People who have black color , but thin , short , then they will definitely to choose virgin hair to add volume and length . 
    3. People who don't like black color , don't like brown ,blonde ... for example , they want a hair color like red rose or blue purple , no store or hair salon sell this color hair extensions ...Well , virgin hair is their best choice , they buy virgin hair first , then fade color, then dyed it to that unique color .... 
    4. People who believe that virgin hair can last longer than remy hair . they will choose virgin hair .

    virgin hair extensions

    But who will choose remy hair extensions ?

    Compared with virgin hair , remy hair extensions has many colors to choose . 
    From dark color to pano color , ombre color , you can choose according to your skin, according to your own hair color and whatever hair color you like . 
    It's better way to choose remy hair extensions if you were below : 
    1. Your hair color brown or blonde color, then it's easy to choose remy hair extensions from different colors to match with . 
    2. You are the first time to use hair extensions , you don't know how to fade hair color . Also you may need to buy necessary kits . 
    3. You believe remy hair extension is as same quality as virgin hair after it's been toned .

     dyed hair extensions

    Now , whether choose virgin hair or remy hair , what do you think ? 

    You can add your opinion here . welcome . 

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